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Your one stop shop for all maps Apalachee.

Apalachee Online

Apalachee Online is a digital resource for citizens, businesses, visitors, and government staff in our region of Northwest Florida. Each of these site users can finding compelling stories and useful data about the region, and put it toward trip planning, investment, and community enhancement.

What's a digital resource? At its core, it's a website with a collection of maps. However, we are striving through this project to provide something beyond a "map". Technology enables us to share information in ways more interactive than ever before; as such, this website provides engaging narratives and utilitarian county information in ways that have never before been available for the Apalachee Region. 

The best way to familiarize with this site? Click around! There's a lot of interesting and useful stuff. We hope you gain greater understanding of our phenomenal area as a result.

Apalachee Regional Planning Council

Apalachee Regional Planning Council (ARPC) serves its nine Northwest Florida member governments - Calhoun, Franklin, Gadsden, Gulf, Jackson, Jefferson, Leon, Liberty, and Wakulla counties - through planning and technical assistance, an example of which is this online resource. 

For more about the Council, visit the ARPC web page at

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